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Speaker Profile

Chen-Yen Yu

Propulsion Systems Control Manager, Archer Aviation

CY currently served as Archer Aviation's Propulsion Control System Manager, led the development of electric engine controls for pioneering eVTOL aircraft. During his role as Sr. Director of Powertrain Architecture & Control at Seres EV, he managed cross-continental teams of 200 engineers across the US and China and drove innovation, designing advanced software control for in-house electric powertrains, while spearheading thermal, charge, and OTA integration for serveral top-selling electric vehicles. Previously, at Tesla Inc., he pioneered bi-directional charge systems for vehicle-to-grid, vehicle-to-vehicle, and vehicle-to-home applications. He also worked on traction drive systems for Model S, X, and III, and successfully delivered critical powertrain software in early Tesla days.

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